CrazyCap Is a Portable Sterilization System

Why do you need such a system you may ask? The water crisis in America is no longer a secret. Every day boil water advisories are issued all over the country and the causes are alarming: from bacterial breakouts, to sewage leaks, etc. CrazyCap makes it so your family is always drinking clean, safe water. Check out some of the common uses below.

Questionable Water

Drink confidently and safely from questionable all water sources.

Water Purification

Purified water in 60 seconds

Water Boil Alerts

Practical for boil-alerts in your area, when water is not safe to drink.

Water Treatments

500,000 water treatments with a single CrazyCap

Traveling Abroad

Perfect for traveling abroad when you're not confident the water is safe to drink.

Save the environment

Single CrazyCap prevents the addition of thousands of single-use plastic bottles to the environment.

Camping / Hiking

Sterilize any questionable water source while you are camping or hiking.


Single Charger runs 30 days. Thanks to the advanced 1600mah lithium-ion battery.

Auto Clean

No more stinky soap and brushes. Activates 6 times a day in 20 sec intervals .

Light-Ray Technology

Uses 10mW 278nm UV-C LED light-ray technology.

How Does it Work?

CrazyCap is a UV enabled (UV-C) replacement rechargeable cap for your cola-style water bottles (such as MIRA, S’well, Simple Modern, etc.). The cap eliminates mold and harmful odor-causing bacteria from your bottle and the water you drink. The cap is powered with an advanced 10mW UVC-LED by LG® to achieve up to 99.9999% sterilization for bacteria and mold, and 99.99% sterilization for viruses. CrazyCap turns your bottle into a smart sterilization bottle. Moreover, it is ridiculously easy to use. No soap or brushes needed. Just replace your bottle cap with CrazyCap and relax while it gets to work! It’s also crazy fast!

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5% of Every Purchase goes to

Clean water is not a luxury, it's a basic necessity. That's why we've partnered with and are donating 5% of every purchase to their foundation.

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Let CrazyCap Water Sterilization bring you out of the Dark Ages

CrazyCap™ is compatible with most9, 12 & 17 oz cola-style bottles

MIRA, BonBon, Sportneer, Live Long Life, La Vida, S'well, S'ip by S'well, MANNA, POP, Sunsella, Aorin, Inosu, Simple Modern, HoneyHolly, and many more.

Don't have a compatible bottle?We've got you covered

We offer an assortment of color bottles to fit your personality! From Summer Orange, to Cool Cyan, to classic colors like White and Black.

“CrazyCap – A Bottle Cap Emits UVC LED Light-Ray to Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses from Your Bottle”

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CrazyCap auto-cleans your bottle and purifies water

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Automatic sterilization technology to keep your bottle and your water ultra-clean

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“UV-emitting water bottle cap is made to smite microbes”

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“This Rechargeable Cap Uses UV Rays to Kill Germs in Your Water Bottle”

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