Frequently Asked Questions

CrazyCap fits 9 oz, 12 oz, and 17 oz cola-style bottles.

CrazyCap is compatible with a majority of cola-style water bottle brands. Most popular brands include: MIRA, Simple Modern, Aorin, S’Well, BonBon, LiveLifeLong, Inosu, SunSella, Sportsneer, etc.,

CrazyCap is charged using a portless charging USB cable. There are no ports on the cap, simply place the charger on top of the cap, and let it do the work.

CrazyCap’s battery would last about 30-days on a single charge in auto-clean mode only. Using the CrazyCap on-demand will affect the battery life depending on the usage.

On-demand sterilization is activated by the user whenever it’s needed. On-demand sterilization has two modes; 1) Normal mode: Sterilizes water in 60 seconds. Suitable for tap water, public water fountains, restaurants, etc., 2) Crazy mode: Sterilizes water in two minutes. Suitable for lakes, ponds, and other questionable water sources.

Auto-clean is one of the features of CrazyCap using which one can keep their cola-style bottles germ-free 24X7 without a need for washing. Auto-clean activates every six hours, where UVC light is shined on the internal bottle surface for 20 second time period.

CrazyCap comes in two configurations; 1) CrazyCap with the bottle, 2) CrazyCap only. Depending on whether you own a cola-style bottle or not, you can choose to just buy the CrazyCap or buy the whole unit i.e., CrazyCap with the bottle.

CrazyCap is a rechargeable replacement cap for cola-style bottles. This replacement cap sterilizes the bottle and the water using advanced 10mW UVC LED by LG®. CrazyCap can achieve sterilization up to 99.9999% for bacterial and 99.99% for viruses.