Activates 6 times a day in 20sec intervals to clean your bottle so you don't have to.

Normal Mode

Sterilizes water in 60sec. Suitable for tap water, water fountains, restaurants, etc.

Crazy Mode

Sterilizes water in 2min. Suitable for lakes, ponds, and other questionable water sources.

Portless Charging

This feature provides a 360° water seal preventing water from entering charging port.

Circuit Protection

CrazyCap comes enabled with over-charge, over-discharge and short-circuit protection

Contact Sensor

When CrazyCap is not in contact with the bottle the contact sensor disables the UVC-LED.

Battery Life

Incredible battery life for the UV-C LED - 1600 MaH Li Battery and will last up to 10 years.

Chemical Free

The advanced technology of the UV-C LED uses no chemicals for sterilization, only UV-C light rays.

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